Our proposals

For a long time now, Wandsworth has held ambitions to improve the Alton area and create new opportunities for local people through regeneration. These ambitions are now being realised, following the near-completion of a five-year period of extensive masterplanning and consultation.

The Alton Area Masterplan, which was finalised in 2014, confirmed the vision for Roehampton and set out clear objectives for the regeneration of key intervention areas (KIAs) – areas of the Alton that are in need of greatest improvement and where investment will benefit the largest number of people. Since then, we’ve refined the original masterplan, making improvements to it, and we’ve set out plans for the regeneration process in much greater detail – ensuring that the key objectives of the project will be met and the new homes and facilities can be delivered.

The regeneration project will see the delivery of a new village square, at the junction of Roehampton Lane and Danebury Avenue, with a new library, youth centre, GP surgery and café; a new retail area; a new children’s centre and nursery; new and improved landscaping and play spaces and around 1,100 new homes including affordable.

Download a copy of our exhibition boards: June 2018 exhibition boards

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High quality new homes

Block Q

Your feedback has told us there’s support for:

  • A mix of accommodation to provide replacement homes for those most affected and support local housing need
  • Homes that meet or exceed the Mayor of London’s space standards
  • New housing that’s designed to be safe and secure
  • Maximising garden areas and private amenity spaces
  • Attractive design and high quality materials

A new Village Square

Village Square

Your feedback has confirmed there’s support for:

  • Creation of an attractive local centre at the heart of the Alton
  • A new multi-purpose community facility to benefit the Alton Estate as a whole
  • A public square that can be used for markets and events
  • Improvements to the retail area, including a new food store
  • Reconnecting the Alton with Roehampton Village

Public realm, landscaping and play space

  • Ensuring there is no net loss of open space
  • Preserving and enhancing the open, green character of the estate
  • New and improved play, activity and outdoor fitness areas
  • Play areas throughout the estate that are safe and accessible
  • Some careful thinning of trees to open up important views
  • Improved public realm and feel of streets

New community facilities

Your feedback has told us there’s support for a new multi-purpose community building, overlooking the Village Square, which will have:

  • A new library
  • Facilities for young people
  • Community hall with meeting/function space
  • New health facilities

Portswood Place

Your feedback told us there’s support for a new community building at Portswood Place, which will provide space for:

  • A new nursery and children’s centre
  • Community health and retail uses

Improving access and movement

  • Improvements to the Danebury Avenue junction with Roehampton Lane
  • Safer pavements and level pedestrian crossings
  • Improved pedestrian and cycling routes
  • Improved on-street parking design to ease congestion
  • Improved loading and servicing facilities
  • Secure undercroft parking